How to choose your home own pool table? Let me tell you

Since many generations, the pool has remained one of the most popular indoor games. In many American family, they are eager to have their own pool table in their living room.  So that They can conveniently enjoy this game in their leisure time? But another question worried them. How to choose a suitable size pool table? Now following us to solve your problem.


As a rule you need to know is that a 5 foot perimeter around your pool table this will allow 58 inches for the pool cue and the railing will give you additional 4 inches mentioned in an earlier answer.  Nevertheless, if you find that you're going to be short in one corner or due to a pillar then an investment in a short Q called troubleshooter would be advised. They only cost about $30 and Are weighted the same as a standard pool cue but are much shorter. They are available in 24 inch 30 inch 40 inch and 48 inch sizes.


There are four basic sizes for home tables. 7ft, 8ft, oversize 8ft and 9ft. A standard pool cue is 58 inches long. The following chart describes the minimum room size for each size table. 
Table Size Minimum     Room Size Actual   Playing surface
3.5' x 7'                         16' 8" x 13' 6"            39.5" x 79"
4' x 8'                            17' 4" x 13' 11"          44" x 88"
4.25' x 8.5'                    17' 9" x 14' 1"             46" x 92"
4.5' x 9'                         18' 4" x 14' 6"             50" x 100"



UNIK pool table, which has a nice appearance, and I believe it will be suitable for your beautiful room. There are many colors for your choose, red, blue, golden, etc… And we also accepted customization, what style you want? Just tell us.



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